Futuris-1 system has such advantages as: reliability, durability, versatility, reduced weight, high speed of installation and aesthetics.

Our design solutions ensure the tightness of the pipe and, as a result, the absence of conditions for the occurrence of corrosion. The service life of the product and the bearing capacity of the structure as a whole increases significantly. Nodal connection consists of fewer parts than similar structures. As a result, the creation of the product takes less time, and the equipment itself is simple and reliable. In the manufacture of FUTURIS rods, we use only 3 parts, whereas the structures of MARCHI, MERO consist of 8. Moreover, the parts for the node connections of MARCHI, MERO are more high-tech, which means that their production requires more labor. 


Futuris-1 system is designed for the construction of large-span architectonic structures of buildings and structures with different surface outlines and coating forms. The company's products are used in such areas as:

— reconstruction and construction of stadiums, gyms, swimming pools, bleachers, markets, concert venues, agricultural complexes, sheds, hangars;

— construction of pedestrian crossings;

— construction of light road bridges;

— creation of telecommunication towers, antennas;

— superstructure of kindergartens, schools, administrative, residential and industrial buildings without additional strengthening of the foundation.

Futuris-1 constructions can be applied with any kind of coating, disassembled and assembled in any places in a short time.