Architecture is a multifunctional complex organism that adapts to the needs of a particular structure or building. To solve complex architectural problems, we proposed a simple solution - mesh single-level structural grids with the Futuris-2 node connection.

Constructions with the use of the Futuris-2 nodal connection allow to embody complex architectural solutions. Create forms that surprise, delight, fascinate.


For easy connection of rod and nodal elements, tips are used, which are produced by liquid metal casting technology. This method allows to produce tips of any shape. Thus, the nodal connection Futuris-2 is able to emphasize the design of the architect and harmoniously fit into the overall design concept of the building.

Nodal connection Futuris-2 is successfully used in the creation of building envelopes, translucent coatings and curvilinear facades for buildings of any purpose: administrative buildings, shopping malls, sports and exhibition centers, theaters, small architectural forms.
Such constructions look especially impressive on public buildings, where it is important to emphasize the architectural expressiveness of the facade.
The combination of the Futuris-1 and Futuris-2 nodal connections in a single design gives unlimited possibilities for the realization of the most complex curvilinear and large-span forms.