machine-building manufacturing accuracy

As the first, tips of the required shape are produced, the choice of which is dictated by the architectural features of the supporting structure of the facilities. Foundry production allows to achieve a variety of tip shapes without changing the overall design concept of the node. This is a significant advantage of our products. We select the grade of steel for the tips, which corresponds to the steel grade of the pipes. Physical and mechanical properties of the tips always exceed the properties of tubular structures. Each new tip is tested on the stands of certified laboratories


At the second stage, the rod elements are assembled – the tips are joined to the pipes. This process is performed in rigid conductors with tolerances of +-0.01 mm

The final stage is the production of nodal elements. This stage begins when our designers send an electronic three-dimensional version of the node element to the factory. The model is translated into machine codes and transferred to the CNC machine. This method eliminates the change of parts by third parties and allows them to be produced with an accuracy of +-0.005 m, while the production capacity is up to 1000 pieces per month on one machine