Build beautifully, quickly and easily. Turn buildings into works of art, regardless of Their designation, location and location. With this dream in 2013 began its journey Company "Futuris".

The company's founders are experienced designers, architects, builders and engineers, led by Dmitry Alexandrovich Kolesnikov.

Kolesnikov Dmitry Alexandrovich
Chief Project Engineer
Interest in architecture Dmitry Kolesnikov showed since childhood. The first step towards the future Became a decision to enroll in a specialized class with a Drawing and drawing.
In 1995 Dmitry entered the Novosibirsk Architectural and Art Institute (The current NGAHA). After high school I got a job as an architect in APM "Glavnoviskiskstroy."
In 2005, Kolesnikov was admitted to the staff of Sibmashproekt LLC, where he worked Architect, and then the lead architect.
In 2007, the future founder of Futuris Ltd. passed a semiannual internship in Design and construction company Bratslavsky Consulting Engineers, Inc., Ankorage Alaske.
From 2008 to 2012 he was the chief architect in the company Sibmashproekt.
In early 2013, Dmitry Kolesnikov received a patent for a useful model of the nodal Joints of rods in the framework of buildings and structures No. 132098.
In 2015, two more patents for the utility model of the junction Rods of the spatial framework of buildings and structures No. 153964 and No. 158891.
Pictures In 2013 Dmitry Kolesnikov founded the company "Futuris", which is managed by currently.