Engineers design FUTURIS designs in special software systems using 3D modeling, which ensures high accuracy of the project.
To create a quality product in a short time, designers through machine codes Transfer to production three-dimensional models of design and each part separately.
We collect and analyze in detail all the data for the implementation of the future project. In The wishes of the customer, the architect and the designer are accepted. After Signing of the Contract, a project is being prepared that necessarily goes through a comprehensive Expertise. The result The first step is the task of making a structure that Sent to production.
Then follows the manufacture of structural elements. Our production Is located in several large factories in Russia. The capacities of Siberian Industrial sites allow the company "Futuris" monthly to produce up to 10 000 sq. M. M. Coverage with the use of the FUTURIS-1 junction and up to 5,000 sq. M. M. Enclosing Structures using the FUTURIS-2 junction.
Ready-made structural structures FUTURIS are delivered to the site of the customer and Are mounted. The choice of installation method depends on the situation on the site. Constructions can Collect on the ground, and then raise to a design mark or mount immediately on Height. Thanks to the structural features of the nodal elements and high Accuracy Manufacture of parts, installation is carried out as soon as possible.