About us

The company “Futuris” was founded in 2013. Its creation was preceded by a period of research and improvement of existing structural structures. In the course of the project activities, “Futuris” team managed to create unique nodal connections of the spatial framework of buildings and structures. The invention was patented and has been successfully used for several years in the construction of socially significant objects. Since 2015, FUTURIS construction systems have been manufactured at the own production of the “Futuris” company, which was opened at large factories in the Urals and Siberia.

The advantage of spatial structures

Patented systems FUTURIS are notable for their special nodal bracing technology. When one or several elements are damaged, a redistribution of forces occurs, thus achieving a high reliability of the structural structure. Compared with the coatings from trusses, the structures have a slight sensitivity to concentrated loads and are more rigid. These qualities of structural elements allow to reduce the construction height of the slab by two or more times, reduce the volume of the building and reduce operating costs.

Technologies available today

Nodal connections FUTURIS-1 and FUTURIS-2 are universal tools for the realization of creative ideas of architects. They can be used in the construction of buildings and structures of various shapes and forms. It can be stadiums and swimming pools with a domed roof, grand concert venues, atriums of large public buildings, and pedestrian crossings.